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You are probably familiar with dynamic ads? Ads that you can automate and alter in real time without having to produce new creatives manually and without going through the trafficking process every time. But are you aware of all the possibilities that comes with a dynamic setup? That you can use different data sources to make ads smarter. That you can use the same mind set and functionality for DOOH campaigns? And much much more. Here are some of the benefits with dynamic ads:

Data Driven
Use datasources and connect them through api:s to make your ads smarter and more ”ajour”. Weather sources, logistic api:s (flight data, traffic data etc.), custom sources. Any open data source really, can spice up your campaign.

Hey! I am talking to you
Hit your audience with the right message at the right time and place? No problem! You can use geo to target the right demographics and cms data to retarget indecisive customers.

Rich Media
Just because your ads are dynamic doesn’t mean they have to be boring and static. You can have beautiful user experiences with complex and animations, HD crisp streamed video and engaging functionality and .

Automatic buying
Let the your ads be bought automatically if a certain event occurs. For example only buy ads when it´s raining.

Always on
Dynamic ads are perfect when you have an Always on approach. Ads that are supposed to help you hit a certain target over time. Do the setup once and then focus on controlling and adjusting the content.

Always relevant
Change the message automatically or try A/B tests manually. Its all up to you, you are in control of your ads all the time and can alter your ads to best hit your target audiences.


Setting up a Dynamic campaign can be a complex challenge, but don´t be alarmed. We have been doing this for a long time and know all the buts and ifs. Producing and making dynamic setups within both Google and Adform. We will do everything for you or guide you along the way. Strategy, targeting and buying of the ads set aside this is what a Dynamic setup consists of and what we can help you with.

Creative concept
Like with all advertising dynamic ads starts with an idea. We can help you from the beginning or make your idea come to life.

Creative set production (design and development)
Once the concept is set we start with the production. Either you send us sketches of how the banners should look or we take your brand guide lines and make everything from scratch.

Feed and Dynamic profile
The setup in Google or Adform can be a bit tricky but if you have the knowledge we are quite fine letting you do the setup. If not, we are happy to help.

Delivery (Studio / Adform / Mess)
We will deliver the ads directly to you account making sure everything works fine before you start with the fun stuff, putting the ads to life.


• Dynamic Preview
• API connectivity and functionality (Cloudfunctions)
• Automatic buying
• Mess (Input Interface with preview / Push to database/sheet)
• Status dashboard (keep track on you api:s)
• Support/monitoring and action

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