Madington launches 360° Video Ad Format

We are now launching our first campaign containing a 360°-video. The technique is optimized and ready for a number of publishing environments.

360-video is more than just a video in a banner and it takes a lot of tuning to get the right user experience. The teqnique, simply explained, is like you are inside a ball and the video is projected on the walls all around you. You can see everything just by turning the phone (mobile and tablet).

Madington – LG 360-video

The video experience is inline, meaning it does not open through the native video player, but straight in the feed. We have built it using WebGL and it listens to the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors for navigation.

You can use a lot of add-ons in the video making the communication even more vivid and exciting.

The technique can also be applied to still spherical photos, displaying real estates, tourist destinations, etc in an attractive way. It can also be applied in a VR kind of way.

Talk to us and we will explain things further.

See the LG 360° video campaign here. (mobile and tablet )


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