Pattans Pocket #1 – Tech trends and innovative campaigns

Every friday we watch and discuss interesting trends and campaigns together with new development tools and methods that we can use, building edge productions. We call it “Pattans Pocket”, named after our CTO, Patrik and his deep pocket of wisdom. 

From now on we will share these observations with you, helping you see new opportunities and maybe open your eyes to new ideas which can help you in your daily work. Simply filter the web through our eyes. 


A fantastic week for WebVR and a potentially pivotal one for front-end development.

We are one step closer a more standardized WebVR experience

Read article at


A good example on how to use 360°-technique in a campaign.

See example at – Salvation Armys Facebook 360…. 


There is a lot of A.I. experiments going on right now. Here are two examples from Google.

Giorgio Cam – Image recognition through your webcam. 

Quick, Draw! – Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles and see what you draw? Play the game.


A guide on how to create viral monsters through Facebook Live Reactions

Capture and stream in real time, Facebook Live reactions –


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