Smooth Operators

We focus all our efforts in making brilliant campaigns that will make your brand shine. But what do we mean by saying “brilliant campaigns”? Well, it is a delivery that stretches all the way from creativity, spiced with edge technology, through great communication, production excellence and of course distribution and tracking. In this post we focus on distribution, testing and validation, where we have one mission:

Make the digital stuff function, everywhere desired.

We know the players and the game, and we will make it easy for you.

In it to improve it

Ever since we started Madington, we have been focusing hard on finding new ways to make advertising and communications on the Web better. Better for publishers, media agencies, advertising agencies and advertisers, but especially for people on the other side of the screen, the consumer of content. For making the best brand and user experience in a world full of technical specifications, there is a special need of a competent partner who knows how to deliver. Here is how we tackle it.

The mobile lifestyle is superior

The mobile lifestyle is always in our full focus. We want to reach people in the best way, no matter what screen they are on. Our way to reach this goal is through smart solutions, in which, the content is tailored for the audience. The material should be relevant, entertaining, informative and with as few intrusive and irritating elements as possible, because we take people’s advertising skepticism seriously. As a solution we often use interaction as a key factor in our campaigns, preferably interaction where visitors do not leave the feed before they are ready to move on and seek more information, or to take action.

Obstacles for best results

What our experience tells us, is that banners / creatives with several interactive elements sometimes is an obstacle to creativity and effect because creative producers tend to leave them out due to uncertainty reasons on how to produce them and how they will function.

Making a jpeg or a simple animation is always a safe bet since it removes the famous FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), but it also prevents so many campaigns from reaching its full potential.

It is both a pity and unnecessary, because when you have the customers attention in screen and have invested considerable resources in both time and cost and you are not able to arouse interest and commitment to convert a visitor. But also understandable since it’s a complex world. But it is a world where we want to make a difference.

Everything works, everywhere

Working together with Madington will involve a very high level of personal service with productions that are in the forefront, but these two parameters alone, are not sufficient. We also make sure that everything works, everywhere, No matter if our partners deliver finished design or whether we start from an idea that we conceptualize, we promise to ensure that everything works in the places and at the publishing sites you desire, whether it should go programmatically or with selected publishers.

Smooth operating

It means that we create a campaign, produce material that we then adapt, test, validate and deliver right into, or to the publishing platforms. We add tracking, in addition to what is tracked by everyone, including interactivity and unique events.

We have excellent, self-developed tools that makes production and adaptation quickly and efficiently. We have open channels to publishers, programmatic ad exchanges and validation services and have the certificates for quality management and approval of the ads. All together, this means that we can produce and deliver very quickly, and with little hassle.

In short, you give us an idea and / or base material, and we take care of the rest making sure Everything works. Everywhere.

Then we are what we want to be. Then we are Smooth Operators.

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